This App does not compete / replace your current ERP based resource management software / platforms. It builds on them to enable standardization whilst simplifying decision making!


  • Professional Staff Resource Allocation: Identification, selection & optimal allocation of staff resources to high priority business activities / projects. Achieved through Standardization of Professional CV and Search Engine with Fuzzy AI.
  • Planning for the Future:Fill professional staff capability / capacity gaps aligned with corporate growth plans with Recruitment: Identification, selection, & recruitment of additional critical staff from external markets. Achieved through Standardization of Professional CV and Search Engine with Fuzzy AI.
  • Project Knowledge Capital:Quick-look assessment of every project staff has experienced, gaining insights on intrinsic execution capacity uniquely to certain types of projects … underscoring competitive advantages. Achieved through data captured during Professional CV formulation.
  • Understanding Every Employee:Detailed mapping of experience, skills, & knowledge capital of every staff under employment. Online access to standardized 1-page CV of every employee.
  • Human Capital Assessment:Enterprise level assessment of total “human capital” that enables consolidation of experience, skills, & knowledge capital, identifying areas of strengths & weaknesses. Achieved through roll-up / summation of individual 1-page CVs at different levels: Regional, Country, City, Community / Business Unit, Departmental, Team levels, i.e., blue-print of “Human Capital” at ant level.


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  • Creation of Standardized 1-Page CV: All targeted staff complete their professional profile in the CV App. It is a one-time effort. The platform is accessed via the OilEnergyPro website. It is not an internal company-specific customized platform. The goal is to standardize the CV across the upstream industry.
  • Staff Listings by Major Discipline Categories: Staff resources are categorized & listed according to major disciplines: Subsurface, Surface, Project Delivery, Well Delivery, Production Operations, Well Services, Manufacturing, New Business Development (NBD), and Finance. 1-page standardized CV of each staff is clickable for viewing.
  • Rolled-up Corporate Level 1-Page CV:Presentation of the standardized 1-Page CV is available at different enterprise levels, demonstrating current “human capital” strengths & weaknesses at those levels.
  • Resource Allocation to Projects / Teams (Internal Staff):Execute resource allocation model (search engine with fuzzy AI) for specific assignments to projects or teams. Test and build entire fit-for-purpose teams quickly, as needed. Track teams across various projects.
  • Resource Allocation to Projects / Teams (External Recruitment):Execute recruitment model (search engine with fuzzy AI) with identification, selection, & recruitment process targeting external communities / markets. Connect with targeted professionals.
  • Project Knowledge Capital Evolution: Project maturation history is automatically generated by consolidating input from professionals across the world on a given project, to extract lessons learnt relevant for capital and cycle-time efficiencies.