This app gets you to the right consultant quickly then enables you to connect with them, as needed. What happens after that remains your responsibility. Further, the searchable pool of consultants depends on the size of the professional population signed up with OilEnergyPro.


  • Fast-track Hiring Process: Industry-specific standardization of CV coupled with fit-for-purpose search-engine enables finding the “right” consultant quickly and accurately. Achieved through mitigating the need to review 100s of CVs for a single engagement
  • Fit-for-Purpose Consultant Selection: Customized search criteria specific to the upstream industry ensures meeting the minimum required technical experience, knowledge, & skills. Achieved through testing digitally of specific qualification criteria
  • S Professional Disciplines: Consultant population is organized into major upstream professional disciplines that enables fast-track review of a consultant’s multi-disciplinary experience. Achieved through standardized structure of the pre-defined disciplines in the search engine
  • Consistent Basis for Consultant Comparison & Selection: Standardization of CV enables consistent basis for comparing & contrasting different consultants. Achieved through browsing digitally the Standard Infographic Resume (SIR) with optimized content most relevant for decision makers
  • Mobility & Availability Job Specs: Consultant selection is high-graded to ensure alignment with required mobility and availability terms & conditions. Achieved through specific filters defined in the Select stage of the search engine that are linked to the preferences stipulated by the consultants in their privacy framework
  • Bundled Candidates / Team Packages: Multiple candidates can be searched and combined to form multi-disciplinary fit-for-purpose teams. Achieved via the team building & testing feature of the search engine.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Cost for using this platform is minimal compared to the alternatives currently available in the market-place


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Pro Hiring App
  • Requires sign-up / registration and selection of a payment plan.
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  • Reviewing the Consultant Listings : Shown on the Community Page, the consultants are organized into major standard professional discipline categories. Each consultant’s Standard Infographic Resume (SIR) is viewable. A hiring manager has the option to add to the Cart a consultant at this stage for Checkout, if no further search is required
  • Identify Stage: First identify the consultant that meets the criteria as entered in the pre-designed standardized input template. Fuzzy AI algorithms generate a ranked listing of consultants that can be viewed using the SIR. Several iterations can be run quickly to narrow the list
  • Select Stage (& Add to Cart): The short-listed candidates can be processed through the Select screens for mobility and availability terms & conditions. Final ranked list of candidates can be added to the Cart for contacting and messaging later via the Checkout process
  • Test & Build Multi-disciplinary Teams: Multiple consultants can be added together to test various team structures or specific to a project. Team or project level 1-page condensed CVs enable assessment of robustness and combined capabilities. Alternative realizations can be tested quickly
  • Professionals by Country): Projects are sorted by countries and professionals are listed by projects. This enables rapid identification of professionals & knowledge base uniquely at a country level and test their mobilization.
  • Checkout Process: This supports private / confidential messaging to potential candidates that have been added to the Cart. This is the first step in the recruitment process.