We do not collect any social or proprietary information in order to minimize any risks to your privacy. Information captured is not much more than what you would provide on a resume or what is already presented on your public profile such as LinkedIn. You will also have messaging & notification features available once you set-up your account with OilEnergyPro


  • Disrupt Resourcing / Recruiting Markets: Industry-specific Standard Infographic Resume, SIRTM digitally developed with content most relevant for decision makers. Full CV and Detailed Infographic automatically generated. Free extensive additional value-added services
  • Crucial Insights About Your Competitive Advantage: Standardized digital framework enables rapid comparison & ranking to your peers
  • Career Path / Trajectory Exploration: Real-time modeling of potential career paths within or external to your discipline area, serves as guideposts for planning your future with multiple realizations
  • Competitive Marketing: Your highly insightful SIRTM integrated with your LinkedIn profile elevates your competitive advantage in the market-place
  • Increase Job Matching Success by 80%: It is not just about key-word search or Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), as those are for the masses. OilEnergyPro’s digital framework dramatically changes the job access game for the professionals
  • Fast-track to Consultancy Engagements / Gigs: Hiring Managers can find you quickly and easily using the OilEnergyPro’s search engine uniquely designed for upstream professionals. You can exchange confidential messages to arrange contractual discussions
  • It is a One-Off Effort: You only need to set-up your profile / SIRTM once! It should not take more than an hour to set-up your profile if you have 10 to 20 years experience. Updates are quick and easy. It is worth this one-time effort as it will unlock more opportunities for you
  • Cost Effectiveness: Standard membership is free for the professionals. The only cost is your one-time labor


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  • Requires sign-up / registration. Standard membership is free
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  • Basic Data Input Framework: Majority of the input data is selected / entered via pull-down menus. There are no major text narratives written. You can enter brief assignment summary, but it is limited to 200 words. The content in the pull-down menus will become more robust with use over time and continuously reduce the labor time to complete a profile
  • Input Dashboard: Provides summary of your selections, professional communities, and profile completion status across various key input sections. You can also jump to different sections from here
  • Aspiration Section : You can specify your preferences here for job locations, availability / mobility, privacy, etc. that are only visible to you
  • General Bio Section: Captures your bio info much of which is optional. You can also list professional licenses, publications, work-permits, etc.
  • Experiential Section: This section has two parts: 1) your assignment info and the associated technical disciplines that you practiced, 2) projects you worked on per assignment and your areas of technical expertise. This can go fast as all of it is done via the pull-down menus
  • Value-Chain Section: In this section you will allocate project related time to specific phases of the upstream value-chain that covers the full life-cycle of projects / fields
  • Technical Disciplines / Skills / Competency Section: Each of the technical disciplines that you have practiced over your entire career are summarized here and require you to enter specific skills associated with each discipline with self-ranking of competency for each skill
  • Non-Technical Disciplines / Skills / Competency Section: Economic, Commercial, Organizational, Political / Stakeholder Engagement cover the non-technical focus areas. You can select or enter specific skills & competencies for each
  • Output Dashboard: All of the outputs are viewable here. They include your SIRTM, Full CV, Detail Infographic, and other reports. You can save them or print them